Guardia Sanframondi

Extraordinary gem of the South, so Guardia Sanframondi was defined by the famous scholar Raffaello Causa, enchanted by the historical center of the country and its particular urban structure dating back to 1450: small, winding cobblestone streets extending like a helix around the imposing castle of Sanframondo, which dominates everything, to make a very suggestive picture.
Looking up through modest houses and noble residences, it happens to discover the important family crests and the arches of the four gates that surrounded the village; while the steep Via del Pontile reminds the drawbridge of the past.
Going up towards the castle you can see picturesque views of fields of olive, vines and fruit trees and on top you can enjoy a splendid view of the Calore valley, the Mutria mountains and the Taburno chain.
The village experienced considerable expansion in the seventeenth century, period of great prosperity due to the flourishing activity of leather tanning, with the construction and embellishment of important monuments by the greatest artists from Naples.
Beyond the stream Ratello, which separates the seventeenth-century part from the medieval one, on the Nazionale street, we find the Basilica of San Sebastiano, which was restored at the behest of tanners with stuccoes by Domenico Vaccaro and frescoes by Paolo De Matteis, leaving the visitor stunned by a real jewel of the Neapolitan seventeenth century.
Even the church of the Annunciation, the oldest in the town, in the heart of the historic center and the church of San Rocco, just outside the walls, were embellished with paintings by Paolo De Matteis, but they are now closed for restoration (1998), as well as the seventeenth-century convent of San Francesco.
The Sanctuary of the Assunta, a parish church dedicated to the saint patron of the town, San Filippo Neri, has a precious gilded wooden ceiling from 1650, and the statue of the Assumption of the fourteenth century but with a Romanico style.
The church is famous in the world for the rite of the Battenti in honor of the Assumption that is renewed every seven years.
Finally, for lovers of walks in the countryside, we recommend the pleasant excursions to Mount Guardia and Bocca della Selva and a visit to the Pinewood and the Fauna Oasis which includes thirty hectares inhabited by deer, fallow deer, pheasants and hares.
For those who came to visit Guardia can not fail to enjoy good wine d.o.c.

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San Rocco Church

The church, today closed to worship due to static problems, was built in 1575 in this place of the Rione Croce, on the edge of the old town, on the initiative of the inhabitants following the raging of a pestilence. 

For this reason it was decided to dedicate the sacred temple to San Rocco, known as holy liberator of the plague and other contagious epidemics.
Later, thanks to the end of pestilence and with the increase and progress of the population, the church became an important center of faith.

The sacred imposing building and its unusual slender shape with an octagonal plan accessible by a singular staircase, was enriched and embellished with ornaments and many artworks.

The Medieval Castle

The Castle dominates the town of Guardia Sanframondi. Its foundation is attributed to Raone of the Norman family of Sanframondo

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Church of San Sebastiano Martire

Sorta, on the initiative of the leather tanners, on a primitive Chapel dating back to 1515.

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Basilica Sanctuary of the Assumption

In its baroque frame it still highlights a distant Romanic culture obscured by stratifications never destroyed

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